We live in times where possibilities seem to be endless
and where we encounter many distractions.

I’m attracted to those people who follow that one thing they know deep down is important for them. Whether it is manifested in the crafts, sports, family or their profession, they are able to focus all their energy towards this activity. To create a moment where time seems to stand still and where they are able to connect with the world around them & with themselves.

My one thing is portraying people as they are, purely and personally. At the same time it’s a personal process where I do all of the technical aspects myself: filming, interviewing and editing. The nice part with film is that I get the opportunity to travel and meet all sorts of people and to spend some time in their lives. The final film is a product of collaboration and inspiration; it’s something we make together.

A very rewarding aspect is that at the end of the process I can offer something that can hopefully be meaningful for many years to come.

Paul Kollée, Amsterdam