Is that a GoPro in your trousers?…or are you just happy to see me?

The world is getting smaller, but the cameras are getting smaller too! Just before our summer trip to Thailand I decided to join the pack and buy the GoPro. The camera is so small you can keep it in the pocket of your trousers. And the quality is 2.7 k. which is a huge number for such a tiny camera. With a lot of sea and sand on holidays it was the perfect situation to test this little monster. The GoPro doesn’t have the focal range of the dslr-cameras but it’s the perfect camera when the action comes in. (It even encourages you to chase the action.) Sushy and Pablo might be sometimes a little bit bored by me filming all their footsteps with this camera glued to all of my different bodyparts, but in a couple of years they will be thankful for me sacrificing myself capturing all these wonderful memories. All the shots were edited in Adobe Premiere and colour-graded with Filmconvert.

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