The thing I cherish most about going on summer holidays is that the 3 of us are together without any distractions whatsoever for a whole month. It brings with it both feelings of freedom and intimacy; and of course slow days where the morning morphs slowly into afternoon and then finally into evening.

And when we go somewhere exotic and adventurous like Vietnam, these feelings are compounded by the ambience of the foreign and mysterious surroundings and landscapes of the country itself. We don’t know the rules, so have to continuously guess how gestures, symbols and behaviours should be interpreted. But rather than causing any kind of anxiety, it only elevates this feeling of easiness and flow.

“I remember looking down at the path and seeing flattened frogs every few feet.”

I remember cycling through the rice-paddies. It was so hot that you had no choice but to cycle at a slow pace. Once in a while you had to carefully maneuver your way around a group of cows blocking the path, and except for the occasional scooter, you couldn’t hear any noise at all. I remember looking down at the path and seeing flattened frogs every few feet. It became a game that Pablo and I would play, counting how many were on the path from the one end of the path all the way to the other. We did this route every day for about 10 days, and it felt great every time. So simple, but a memory that will stay with me forever.

Sushy, Amsterdam