Sandeep behind the scenes


Wait….What! you want to film me taking photographs, is what I thought when Paul first approached me with the suggestion that he follows along with me whilst I wander around London with my camera.

Once I had got over the initial surprise at being asked and Paul explained what he was trying to do I could not help but agree, that plus the fact it was my one chance to star in a film.

Paul knew I was a keen film photographer that had a passion for wandering about with my camera in London, taking photos for nothing more than the sheer enjoyment of it. So we arranged to meet up on bright clear day in London to start filming. It was weird at first because I was asked to walk and take pictures naturally as I would had no one been filming. I was conscious of now being in front of a camera rather than behind it. We choose the City of London on a weekend morning as it is the area I also work in, so is part of me and knew it would be quiet with many interesting things for me to photograph and for Paul to focus in on good locations for the film project he had in mind.

“Paul knew I was a keen film photographer that had a passion for wandering about with my camera in London.”

Slowly but steadily we wandered around and got used to each other. I was starting to forget there was a camera on me and Paul was starting to second guess where I would stop and how I would hold my camera so he could get the look he was after. We must have walked for nearly 4 hours that day with only a quick stop for coffee, it was still too early in the day for wine.

We did also stop for Paul to interview me, but because of the sound of the traffic we had to duck into an alleyway behind some buildings, the interview must have looked very odd to anyone watching on CCTV. As we were walking we both became much more relaxed, speaking together, filming and taking photographs.  I was now just concentrating on taking pictures and Paul was concentrating on getting what he had visualised his film to be and turning it into reality.


It is important now and again to stop and concentrate on something that brings us all little peace in an otherwise ever more frantic world, Paul and I paused the world that morning and each in our own way concentrated exactly on doing that one thing.

∼ Sandeep, London