In October it was time for our annual father-son trip. It was Pablo’s idea to go to Iceland. The volcanic island was top of mind after their team did so well at the European soccer championship.

Our basecamp was Hafnarfjordur, a small town close to Reykjavik. We had the privilege of staying in a very tiny shed. The kitchen, shower and bed where packed into just 12 m2, and most surprisingly there was Netflix too! There aren’t many people living in Iceland (323,002), so traffic is calm once you’re outside of the city area.

We started driving the Golden Circle road trip of 300km towards Þingvellir National Park. On both sides of the road we saw Icelandic horses and a lot of volcanos. The whole landscape was covered with a light green colored moss. Þingvellir National Park is where the North American & Eurasian tectonic plates are slowly drifting apart from each other, they create a deep crack in the ground. One of these cracks is called Silfra, and is full of icy glacier water.

“Who wants to go to the moon, when we have a place called Iceland!

The trip went on to the spectacular waterfall called Gullfoss. Its water falls 100 feet down, producing a thick mist. It’s a very dramatic landscape where the area around the falls gets pretty windy too. The last stop was Haukadalur, where you can find two famous geysers called Geysir and Strokkur. In fact the general term “geyser” was named after this particular one in Iceland. Geysir stopped erupting after an earthquake shut it down, but Strokkur constantly explodes with hot water shooting 100 feet into the air every 5 minutes.

Altogether Iceland is a very interesting piece of land that’s so different than other convenient places we know so well. It’s like stepping into a completely new world. Pablo and I frequently asked ourselves: ‘Who wants to go to the moon, when we have a place called Iceland!